Best Way to Choose Shipment Company that will best ship your goods.

Salim Khan, CEO IMEX Shipping & Logistics LLC urges Clients to choose the best Shipment Company to ship their goods as the world is experience COVID-19 pandemic.

 Recently, Salim Khan, the founder and CEO of IMEX Shipping & Logistics elaborate on what the clients should be aware of when choosing shipping company to handle their goods and services. Here are the details of the interview:

Transportation of goods by air and ship is very crucial for many businesses today, as it provides room to run business on a global scale, create new opportunities across borders. If you want to scale your business to the next level and operate across the globe you might want to ship your products to your customers or perhaps if you want to order for large scale of goods from abroad, in this case you might need a shipment company that is good and you can trust.

There are many companies that can provide this service but only a little can ship for you at a good price while still delivering competence. One has to be careful in making choice of who should render shipment services to them.

In choosing the best air freight company, you must understand first some important points before deciding for one. Below are some helpful questions highlighted that you should answer to help you look for any air transport company before dealing with them.

  1. What shipping benefits can they offer?

When making apt decision in the kind of shipment companies you want to choose, you should check and understand their benefits and edge you will have compared to your shipping rates. Do they provide good services at reasonable rates? Can they give you a variety of different services?

Any company that you should chose, should be backed by a known airline and freight organisation, for this is the most prominent of all. Example of this big-time air freight companies are the IMEX Shipping & Logistics LLC, American airlines, Roadway Corporation and Kitty hawk.

  1. Which shipping services that meets your needs are available?

Browse about the products and services they render and look for those that will suit your needs. Be sure to choose those that will provide a complete channel of delivery and should pick up and deliver on or before five days. You can look for this information on their websites or perhaps through their customer care agents.

  1. What sizes of the cargo, can the company accept?

  Though many companies accept any shipment size, but you should try and ship things that worth or above 200 pounds because it can save you up to 50 percent of shipment rates

  1. Your dealing with them does it provide optimal benefits for you?

You must be sure that you get the best service that’s worth your pay.

Check for what extra chargers do involving in them might cost you, at what time of the day or week can you get discounts and other benefits. Check and see also if there some extra taxes attached to it. It is vital to survey first the shipping cost before dealing with such company.

  1. Can they ship your needs to your preferred places at good cost

Some would only offer seamless service to respective places.

  1. Look for a company that provides easy access.

In technology as this, time is a very important factor and accessibility of things is also important. Ensure to look for those that can provide easy access to you, be available when you need them, those with good customer care service. For example, can they provide easy online registration? Can you also apply for credit card so that you easily start shipping your products after registration? By doing these, you won’t waste lots of time and effort.

  1. Look for a company that operates a 24/7 customer care service.

This is important so that you can easily track your freight shipments by inquiring at the customer care center. Tracking shipment is important to ensure when It is delivered to the desired destination with proof. And you should put down your shipping history. This is of good significance for you so that you can have an easy access of the summary of all the shipping you made.

Finally, shipping can be convenient if you know how to choose the best shipping company. It is quality that counts. Choose air freight company like IMEX Shipping & Logistics LLC that uses state of the art cargo engines with optimal shipping rates to provide variety of needs and business solutions.






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